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Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard | New Generation
Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard | New Generation
Ducati Monster 937
Ducati Monster 937
Ducati Multistrada V2 950
Ducati Multistrada V2 950
Ducati Desert X
Ducati Desert X
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The Ducati Hire

All the details of our procedures to ensure a quality Ducati rental.

All measures taken before renting one of our Ducati motorbikes are aimed at ensuring maximum safety, comfort and satisfaction for our motorbike customers.

The external appearance and cleanliness of our rental motorbikes are our top priority.

After each rental, our Ducati motorbikes are carefully washed and dried using professional, environmentally friendly products.   


Dirt, insects and greasy residues are removed from the chain. A light pressure wash is usually reserved only for the underside of the motorbike to prevent moisture from penetrating the most sensitive and vulnerable parts: electrical components, electronics and the various linkages remain protected.

Therefore, motorbike cleaning, which every motorcyclist appreciates, is our first demonstration of respect for the customer. We believe that everyone appreciates being able to rent a well-cleaned Ducati that looks practically like new!

Thanks to the tyres, the bikes stay on the road. The importance of this vital element of motorbike hire is often overlooked. During the checks we carry out, the tread of our Ducatis is checked before each rental and the tyre pressure is adjusted to the customer's needs. Depending on whether they are travelling alone, as a couple, with luggage or with light luggage, they will have a different pressure to suit their needs. Another important factor that we take into account is the thermal factor, which plays a major role on the island of Mallorca in summer. 

The next check concerns the brakes. The Brembo brakes on our motorbikes are world-leading and guarantee us the best quality. We not only carry out a visual inspection of the wear condition of the brake pads, but also perform a ride test after every rental to check the correct functioning of the individual components and the effectiveness of the brakes. If this is not the case, the motorbike is sent to the official Ducati workshop.

Another essential component of the motorbike is the chain. Cleaning, correctly greasing and tensioning the chain of a rented motorbike are essential for a smooth and safe ride. Here, too, we carry out an inspection before the hire and ensure the correct maintenance.

On our rental motorbikes, we check the functionality of all electrical components such as lights, horn, starter etc. before the customer arrives and later during the briefing in the presence of the customer.

Depending on the characteristics of the motorcyclist riding one of our rental Ducatis on the roads of Mallorca and the possible presence of a passenger, we adjust the shock absorbers and adapt the language on the TFT screen where possible. 

Once the administrative formalities have been completed (signing the contract, checking the documents, etc.), the motorcyclist and any passenger will be kitted out. Mallorca Moto Rent provides modular helmets, breathable summer jackets with all the protections, gloves, leg bags and rucksacks at no extra cost. We have numerous garments for every size of rider and passenger. All personal accessories provided are sterilised in the special ozone cabin after each rental, eliminating germs and unpleasant odours. The customer must feel completely comfortable when riding one of our Ducatis, and efficient and clean equipment is also an important aspect.

After dressing, the motorcyclist is invited to get on the bike to adjust the mirrors and all checks are explained. If the customer is not convinced by the chosen Ducati model, they can hire another if available.

Before setting off, we are happy to give tips on the most beautiful places and roads that must be seen.