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Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard | New Generation
Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard | New Generation
Ducati Monster 937
Ducati Monster 937
Ducati Multistrada V2 950
Ducati Multistrada V2 950
Ducati Desert X
Ducati Desert X
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Ducati motorbike rent in Mallorca | MMR22

Enjoy "Ducati Experience in Mallorca"


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Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard | New Generation

From 129€ /day

Ducati Monster 937

From 139€ /day

Ducati Multistrada V2 950

From 149€ /day

Ducati Desert X

From 159€ /day

pricing policy

Our pricing policy is simple and above all clear to our customers: there will be no surcharges for motorbike accessories or clothing.

Our rates are all-inclusive.

The rental price also includes 300 km per day (0,30 €/km extra) and VAT.


We can offer a delivery and pick-up service for motorbikes at an address other than our premises (excluding ports and airports) for which a small fee will be charged, which will be communicated in the offer.

All of our motorbikes (depending on the model) are equipped, upon request and free of charge, with mobile phone holder,

rucksack and leg bags for storing documents and small personal items.

All-risk insurance with a franchise of €2.500 is included in the price.
Upon delivery of the bike, a caution deposit will be blocked on your credit card. The amount of this deposit varies depending on the model chosen: 1500 € for the Scrambler, 2000 € for the Monster, 2500 € for the Multistrada V2 950 and the Desert X.

Roadside assistance in case of need.


Need a personalized quote?

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clothing and helmets always sanitised

At MMR22, motorbike clothing and helmets are sanitised every time they are used using ozone (O3) technology.


For this purpose, we use a device - an ozone sanitising cabinet - in which the items are exposed to a treatment cycle in contact with a controlled amount of ozone. In this way, the ozone acts on the materials, penetrating deep into the textile fibres, neutralising the pathogens present and also eliminating unpleasant odours.

At MMR22, we are committed to providing our customers with a Ducati motorbike rental experience that does not affect their health or ecology. By choosing our services, you can enjoy perfect hygiene of your helmets, jackets and gloves, without leaving any chemical residue on the treated surfaces.


safety for your health

Everyone will have happened to rent a motorbike or scooter while travelling, and with it comes a helmet and clothing. In the pandemic period, everyone has learnt how quickly and easily viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites can be transmitted.
It is now clear to everyone that it is important to always have products that are free of these risk agents.
It follows that wearing helmets and clothing used by other people, as well as problems with unpleasant odours, pose potential health risks for everyone.
For this reason, we set out to find a professional solution that went far beyond a simple spray and disinfectant that was not very effective, but above all respectful of human health and the environment. After thorough research, we decided on a technology that is also used in the fitness, spa and hotel sectors. The machine we have chosen is an ozone cabin that can totally sanitise and remove odours without the use of chemicals from any type of surface and material. With this device we can provide our customers with perfectly sanitised helmets


Routes on Mallorca


the project


The excellence of the Mediterranean, the icon of motorcycling, our passion, commitment and desire to share.

These are the ingredients behind our project.

Not just a simple motorbike rental to move from one point to another in Mallorca and easy parking but an opportunity to offer design and technology so that every motorcyclist has the chance to live the real Ducati Experience.

At the heart of our project is the customer, each with their own needs, knowledge and expectations.

Every detail of our rental service is designed to guarantee the customer an unforgettable experience. From the choice of the Ducati model to the care of the routes, tours and the most evocative places in Mallorca, to the assistance provided before, during and after the rental to offer the customer maximum comfort, excitement and safety.

In this project and in the services we propose, each client can receive personalised assistance to get to know the best Mallorca has to offer.

The fleet of exclusively Ducati motorbikes and Mallorca: for us a perfect combination of passion for motorbikes and love of travelling, and we are thrilled to share this unique experience with our customers whose satisfaction is a priority.

In fact, each customer represents a valuable member of our community, a traveller in search of excitement and adventure to whom we are committed to providing the tools for an unforgettable experience.



Lucia & Alessandro  

latest news

The Christmas atmosphere will light up in Palma on 23 November

The village of Caimari at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana celebrates the 'green gold' festival in November. Olives, oil, agri-food products and local handicrafts, as well as popular traditional events enliven this 'pueblo' for two days.

Every Wednesday, one of the island's oldest pueblos hosts the long-awaited and characteristic market. Handicrafts, local products, street food. Sineu is definitely worth a visit for the history of its buildings that bear witness to bygone ages.

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