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Rider and motorbike safety is a priority for Mallorca Moto Rent

Safety first


    Safety is fundamental to our company policy. Our motorcycles are periodically checked and inspected in the official Ducati workshop in Mallorca by specialized mechanics.

    Before the motorcycle is delivered, a check is carried out in the presence of the customer, not only of the body parts but also of the mechanical efficiency. Additionally, a brief briefing is provided to explain all the motorcycle controls. 

    The customer has access to the following CE-approved equipment:
    Jacket with protections
    Back protection

    The motorcycles are insured with an "all-risk" coverage with deductible (see general conditions).


    By passive safety, we mean all the tools inherent to the motorcycle and the motorcyclist's equipment that help reduce the possibility of falls or limit the damage in case of such accidents.
    Modern motorcycles are equipped with constantly evolving technological systems, often electronic, that help correct any mistakes made by the rider.
    Frames, tires that make riding easy and motorcycles accessible to a wide audience.
    Even in the world of technical clothing, we witness a continuous evolution concerning the safety of the rider. Helmets, technical clothing, and airbags, which until a few years ago were unthinkable, have greatly increased safety. 
    In the case of MMR22, passive safety begins with the choice of brand! It is undeniable that DUCATI is a symbol throughout the world of motorcycles of the highest quality and reliability, equipped with the most advanced control systems. 
    Specifically, regarding the DUCATI motorcycles of MMR22, we can list some "electronic aids" that help correct any mistakes made by the rider. 

    Systems present on our vehicles:

    As well as the integral braking system (Multistrada) and LED daytime running lights, which are other devices available. Of course, in the package of passive safety, we also want to remind that the vehicles at your disposal are all equipped (except for the Scrambler model) with the possibility of choosing the RIDING MODE. 
    This possibility helps every rider find the most suitable parameters for their driving needs and experience, making the motorcycle suitable for every driving style. 
    What are passive safety systems for if the motorcycle is not regularly maintained, if tires, oil, water, brake pads, etc., are not checked and updated?! 
    For this reason, MMR22 has decided to rely on official DUCATI workshops for the maintenance of its fleet. Also, before delivering the vehicle, a short checklist will be reviewed with the customer, with which all the important parts of the motorcycle will be checked, and the main functions of the motorcycle will be explained so that pilots can be educated and safe. 

    Regarding clothing, MMR22 also provides basic clothing such as helmets, jackets, back protectors, and gloves in compliance with current regulations.


    Active safety is undoubtedly the most important safety feature in the world of motorcycling and beyond. It is managed by an enormous computer equipped with unparalleled systems with sensors that go well beyond the most sophisticated ones in the world.


    As you may have guessed, we are talking about our brain!!!


    Eyes and ears, reactions that occur in milliseconds, and the most important system known especially by the most experienced: being able to predict potential dangers generally caused by traffic or unexpected situations.All existing passive systems will be useless if the motorcycle rider adopts reckless and imprudent behavior that puts their own safety and that of others at risk!

    All motorcyclists know the exhilarating feeling that is immediately felt when getting behind the handlebars of a motorcycle, a very beautiful sensation that unfortunately (especially for the less experienced) is associated with a false sense of security and a frequent underestimation of danger.

    For this reason, we consider a good motorcyclist on the everyday roads not the one who leans more in corners or who goes faster than others. Surely, a good motorcyclist is someone who is able to understand his own limits, drives accordingly, and is able to anticipate and avoid danger!

    The roads of this island are truly numerous and wonderful and offer all motorcyclists a great variety of routes. Wide curves, tight ones, all kinds of hairpins, ups and downs surrounded by stunning landscapes while riding amazing motorcycles. Let's try to ride with respect, let's have fun to the fullest with caution without risking unnecessarily!!! Let's stop, enjoy the beautiful sea with its beaches, eat at typical restaurants that we will find on the road everywhere.

    Everything will go well, and at the end of the day, you will undoubtedly feel a magnificent sense of satisfaction.

    We are still on vacation, and the most beautiful thing is to have beautiful memories of pleasant emotions.

    Let's leave racing and pushing our limits for the track where we can run safely!

    Let's not dwell on the various dangers we encounter while riding a motorcycle, because 90% of these are related to traffic, to the circulation of other vehicles whose drivers are increasingly distracted or engaged in things that are not Driving their car or bicycle with care!

    The remaining 10% is due to the inadequacy of the motorcyclist pilot, which we have already discussed, and external factors.

    These external factors, although predictable, are often sudden and can cause problems.

    But let's make a brief list so that you are aware of them.

a. Tourists driving:

In Mallorca, around 1 million car rentals are made every year. Be careful, we are facing drivers who do not know the roads and do not know the car they are driving well. Holiday euphoria, multiple distractions. All this greatly increases the risk of accidents. Sudden turns, sudden stops, slow driving to see the landscape and take photos while traveling, and frequent "cutting of curves" with lane invasion are among the most common behaviors. They won't pay much attention to two-wheeled vehicles.

Motorcyclists will have to be very careful when they are near these vehicles. A small hint (which is not the rule) is to look for a car rental sticker behind the car. When we see it, an extra attention signal will be triggered for us.

b. Goats:


Perhaps you have noticed that the shape of the island of Mallorca resembles the head of a goat. It will surely be a coincidence, but goats represent a danger especially for motorcyclists. Unlike sheep, goats often live in the wildness and move freely. They are very skilled jumpers, so know that a fence is not going to stop them. Often, behind a narrow curve, we find ourselves facing a beautiful and big goat that is not at all frightened by our arrival! Believe me, it has happened several times and even on the highway, to find ourselves in the condition of having to choose whether to brake suddenly or try to dodge the animal.

It all depends on our speed and the condition of the traffic at that moment. Knowing that this is not a remote possibility can help you be aware that it can happen on any road.

c. Road surface:


The road surface in Mallorca is generally very good. However, there are some (few) roads that are in poor condition, but being slow-moving they do not cause major problems. It also happens that on well-paved roads there are small steps, always keep the handlebars firm and the impact will be absorbed by the motorcycle.

To reach some remote beaches, there are unpaved roads that can be very treacherous. If you have rented a motorcycle from MMR22, remember that the use of vehicles outside paved roads is strictly prohibited.

In some periods of the year, even if it is hot and it does not rain, there are areas, mainly on the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, where the asphalt is covered with a thin layer of very slippery moss. Be careful, reduce speed.

d. Cyclists:
Cyclists can be a delicate issue. For those who may not know, Mallorca is an internationally favored destination for cyclists, 365 days a year. Ideal weather and continuous hills are perfect conditions for both professionals and cycling enthusiasts. However, as in any activity, there are individuals within the cycling world who are not very aware of their surroundings. It is not uncommon to come across very large groups of cyclists riding in parallel, sometimes even four abreast. Even more dangerous are the cyclists who reach crazy speeds on steep descents (often on the Sierra de Tramuntana) and tend to cut corners. This is extremely dangerous. Remember that even though they are always the weaker party, they ride vehicles that are practically without brakes, lights, and are very silent at high speeds. In the event of a collision, you will have to deal with a mass of 60/70 kg hitting you at high speed! So, be aware that they also exist.


Although they may not be considered real dangers, we would like to inform you that we are in Spain and not in some remote non-European country. There are precise laws here that must be scrupulously followed, and do not think that Spanish authorities are willing to turn a blind eye.

Speed limits must be respected. There are several speed cameras scattered throughout the island, with radars often marked, but not always. The speed limit in urban areas is often 30 km/h. There are areas patrolled by drones capable of detecting speed and license plates. The system is well computerized, and you will certainly receive fines.

No-entry zones, both in Palma and on the Sierra de Tramuntana, are not always well marked. Always pay attention to signs, and do not follow other tourists who may be making mistakes. The fines will arrive on time.

Parking a motorcycle on the island is the same as parking a car. Never park outside the marked parking spaces, often there are dedicated motorcycle parking areas. The best option is underground parking that has dedicated motorcycle areas.

Using motorcycles on dirt roads is prohibited by the regulations that you agree to follow. The Mallorcan authorities are very strict about this; unauthorized off-road driving is considered an offense against the environment and carries an arrest and criminal conviction. Be careful not to do it!

Follow these small tips, and you will see that your driving experience on the island of Mallorca with our DUCATI bikes will definitely be positive and leave you with beautiful memories.